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METAMORPHOSIS (CD). complete retrospective, contains all released tracks 2002-2016

Label: Daft Records  released in January 2017

METAMORPHOSIS (12" Record). an almost complete retrospective  2002-2016

Label: Lynch Law Records  released in October 2016

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- Metamorphosis, Album. Vinyl: Lynch Law, LLR-005, 2016 . CD: Daft Records, D1066CD, 2017.
- Totale Finsternis, CD-EP, Bodyvolt/Simulacron, BV-02/SMC-AUD05, 2015
- Deadline at dawn, Track, Venus Noir/Simulacron, Venus-1/SMC-AUD03, 2008
- Far Behind, Track, Enfant Terrible Productions, ET04, 2006
- Underworlds, EP, Kommando 6, K6-8, 2005 (recorded 2002-2004)
- Keiner kommt hier lebend raus, Track, Kommando 6, K6-6, 2003 

Live Performances (BSC is not available for gigs at this time, maybe in the future again):

- Inside Out, Liege (Belgium), 27th October 2007 (Dark Electro Party)
- Club Nouveau Casino, Paris (France), 23th June 2006 (K6 Label-night)

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